1)  Seven Secrets to eCommerce success – 4 stars

The article talks about the benefits of making a customer connection and being personal to grow your business, as well as other helpful tips to keep customers engaged and happy.

2) 5 stars – Five eCommerce Infographics

The infographics include:

a) what are people buying online

b) how are consumers shopping online

c) how do colours effect purchases

d) who is using coupons

e) best eCommerce software

3) 4 stars – 10 tips for eCommerce Checkout

Here is an article that provides tips to improve your checkout and improve E-commerce sales! Here are the 10 tips in a nutshell:

-keep it clear
-include a visual progress indicator
-offer customers different payment options
-do not make customers register for your website
-don’t let customers abandon their cart
-offer free shipping
-offer guarantees and provide testimonials
-offer related and similar products
-tell them what to expect next
-make their purchases social

4) 4 stars – 5 eCommerce pricing experiments

This article seemed very relevant as we are learning about A/B testing. Mark MacDonald testing various pricing methods on eCommerce and this article shows his results, giving an idea of what ones work best. Some of the highlights include:

-when two similar items are priced the same customers are less likely to buy opposed to if the items are priced slightly different

-comparing prices with your competitors too frequently can make you lose business

-test your prices occasionally, customers react quickly to the changes

-syllables are not great for pricing, keep it simple!

-prices ending with the number 9 sold more

5) 4 Stars – Factors to consider when choosing an eCommerce platform

This article lists 15 questions to ask yourself, or your client, when choosing a platform for an ecommerce site.  The topics include:  1) budget, 2) what will you be selling, 3) how many different products you will sell, 4) where do you want to host the site, 5) will it need to integrate with your CMS, 6) how customizable it is, 7) can you find a good designer/developer, 8) are there themes/templates available, 9) what about future upgrades and updates, 10) what type of support is available, 11) what type of reporting is included, 12) what is the checkout process like for customers, 13) how easy or difficult is it to use the admin dashboard, 14) how will you market your products, and 15) is it mobile ready.

6) 4 stars. eCommerce to mCommerce

With mobile being the most talked about trend, this article talks about optimizing your eCommerce site for mobile use. It also speaks to marketing your eCommerce site to Millenials, as numbers are rising in this generation for online shopping through mobile devices.

7) 5 stars. 50 inspirational eCommerce designs

This site is all about webpage design for your eCommerce site. It give helpful hints and 50 great pictures of successful eCommerce sites. As someone who learns from looking, this site will be great to generate ideas when building a site

8) 5 stars. Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking

A how to guide for using Google Analytics in e Commerce. This site in very detailed/has everything you need to know from basics, how it works on Google’s end, and everything in between.



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