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Privacy Policies on the Internet

1) 4 stars – Top 6 Legal Issues Companies Face on Social Media

 Because social media is so new a lot of people forget the implications that can happen when the tool is abused. It is important to understand the legal issues surrounding social media. This article covers Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation, Moonlighting and Loyalty, Ownership of Intellectual Property, and Use, Licensing, Technology Transfer.

2) 5 stars – Direct Marketing and Privacy

A brief review is undertaken of direct marketing, through both conventional and electronic channels. Existing practices are suggested to be seriously privacy-invasive. Public acceptance of such practices is argued to be declining, such that unsolicited contact, and the use of personal data in breach of mainstream privacy principles, are attracting increasing levels of public opprobrium.

This acticle talks about TRUST being ever more important when marketing via the internet. Clarke establishes some simple ways to gain and keep customer’s trust.

3) 4 stars – Online Privacy

All the basics to how online privacy works. From Cookies to other ways companied obtain usr information.


Email Marketing

1) 4 stars 3 email marketing infogrphics

Covers email marketing does and don’ts. How consumers respond best, how to not annoy people with your emails

2) 5 stars 18 email marketing tips from Mark Briggs

How to meet both your needs and your customer’s needs

3) 5 stars – Email Marketing Field Guide

Created by Mail Chimp, topics inclue

  • How HTML email works
  • Designing and coding
  • Anatomy of a good HTML email newsletter
  • Avoiding spam filters
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Email marketing best practices
  • Measuring performance

4) 5 Stars – Why Email Marketing is Key to ecommerce Success 

  • Let customers know about your new products and other interesting company news that affects them.
  • Set up autoresponders – a series of drip emails with a goal of getting a customer to buy or learn more about your products over time.
  • Send timed discounts for holidays, birthdays, and other personal events (anniversaries, for example).
  • Remind customers about an uncompleted purchase in their shopping cart.
  • Reward loyal customers with a discount.
  • Re-engage with customers who have not shopped in a while by offering them a discount to stop by.
  • Get testimonials from customers.
  • Share your newest content (blog posts, videos, etc.) with your customers to engage without a sales focus.